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Science Smart Junior: Discovering The Secrets Of Science (smart Juniors Guide For Grades 6 To 8)

Science Smart Junior Discovering

Princeton Review

Author: David Linker


Explains core concepts in the fields of biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics through the comical misadventures of four fictitious characters. Also includes numerous household-friendly experiments.
Do you need to pick up a book? Science Smart Junior: Discovering The Secrets Of Science (smart Juniors Guide For Grades 6 To 8) - discovering the secrets of science by David Linker is an awesome children's book! Written by David Linker and it was published in August of 2002 by Princeton Review. This is the 1st ed. of the book has 304 pages and it is loaded with black & white artwork. To get your own personal print of this book, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.

A PARENTS' CHOICE AWARD-WINNING SERIESEvery child is really a scientist at heart, but most science books are dry and boring. But not Science Smart Junior! Part of The Princeton Review's award-winning Smart Junior series, this could be the perfect book for the curious scientist in each single student. By embedding science inside the story of the hilarious misadventures of Angie, Barnaby, Bridget, and Babette, Science Smart Junior helps students realize the science behind such concepts as · · States of Matter· Motions and Forces· Engergy· Living Systems· Reproduction adn Heredity· Ecoysystems· Adaptation, Evolution, and Diversity· The Geosphere· They Hydrosphere and Atmosphere· Earth at the precise same time as the Solar System Aligned to national science standards and filled with page after page of safe, household-friendly experiments, Science Smart Junior teaches core curriculum as it sparks the imagination. They lecture as an option to guide, reciting facts instead of giving college students the tools to solve the dilemma.


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