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Plastics And Polymers Science Fair Projects: Using Hair Gel, Soda Bottles, And Slimy Stuff (chemistry! Best Science Projects)

Plastics And Polymers Science Fair Projects

Enslow Pub Inc

Author: Madeline P. Goodstein

Would you like to buy a book? Order a copy of Plastics And Polymers Science Fair Projects : using hair gel, soda bottles, and slimy stuff written by Madeline P. Goodstein. The author is Madeline P. Goodstein and it was published sometime in 2004 by Enslow Pub Inc. The child's book is 128 pages long and it contains illustrations. For more information on this book, check out our affilate add to cart button.

Why does Silly Putty stick to your refrigerator door? For those interested in competing in Science Fairs, this book is chock full of suggestions and ideas for further experiments. How can the lining of a diaper absorb so much liquid? Why does some plastic foodwrap work better than other folks? Plastics and polymers are everywhere, and this set of experiments will allow young scientists to explore the various properties of these materials. Grades 6-12. Most experiments simply require everyday household objects along with a curious mind.


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