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Dk Eyewitness Books: Chemistry

Dk Eyewitness Books Chemistry


Author: Ann Newmark

Explores the world of chemical reactions and shows the role that chemistry plays in our world.
I would like to reveal to you this brilliant book called Chemistry. Written by Ann Newmark and it was published on the 5th of September, 2005 by DK CHILDREN. The child's book is centered on Chemistry and is regarded as smart juvenile literature. This is the Rev. ed. of Dk Eyewitness Books: Chemistry is 72 pages long and it comes with a variety of incredibly colored illustrations, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Chemical processes have constantly been element of life. Our expanding knowledge from the Earth's elements, the properties of atoms and DNA, and how substances interact has resulted in many new technologies, products, and scientific advances. This intriguing book explores the world's natural chemistry - how we understand and exploit it. They enable our bodies to function and are the basis of countless substances and processes we take for granted. Today, chemical substances assist to purify our water, improve agriculture, and manufacture drugs, synthetic fabrics, and plastics. From the 1st use of fire, men and women have practiced chemistry to generate food and drink, tan leather, make dyes for clothes and cosmetics, operate metals, and generate glass and pottery. With stunning demonstrations of key experiments and ideas, Chemistry is a fresh and exciting introduction towards the discoveries that have shaped and revolutionized our way of life.


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