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Basher Flashcards: Periodic Table (basher Science)

Basher Flashcards Periodic Table


Author: Simon Basher / Adrian Dingle / Dan Green

I will share with you this brilliant book titled Basher Flashcards: Periodic Table (basher Science). The author is Simon Basher / Adrian Dingle / Dan Green and it was published by Kingfisher. This went on sale on the 27th of September, 2011. The children's book is 104 pages long. To get the same discount I uncovered, check out the link on this page.

Dingle and Basher's best-selling Periodic Table: Elements with Style! These cards are perfect for studying, trivia, generating games and more. Science has never been so fun! Of course, each character still has all its distinctive manga-style charm to assist students remember the basics. Each element appears with all of its handy information such as its symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, color, common state, and classification. is now available inside a handy deck so young chemists can take their favorite characters on the go.


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